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A couple of photos

I don't even like seafood

We are coasting backwards uphill. Be amazed. Here are some photos for those of you who have asked for more photos. Enjoy. Tomorrow, the big apple, unless Jose has other ideas.  Precious                 

Soul sisters

Apparently this is a soul boat made by a group of women friends from around the country who meet annually and that Kathy was a part of. They made it this past weekend and apparently cast it into the Pacific Ocean at sundown in her memory. She would have been so pleased.
      Matty and I are taking a well deserved break at a friend's beach house in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Last night we hung out with our hosts and two Portland friends who have been living in DC the last few years and are heading back west. Tonight it is just us two. I like houses better than motels and tentsites combined and am pretty much in heaven. Tomorrow I head to New York for the first time. I've heard a lot about the place, but refuse to be intimidated. The accents may be different, but I bet the smells are the same.

Tourist traps and history

Tonight is our next to last in Canada. We have a reservation on the Yarmouth- Portland ferry Friday morning. It will take six and a half hours and Matty will enjoy every minute of it. Who knew he was into ferries?
    After two scenic, but not particularly touristy days in New Brunswick we have more than caught up on our tourist duties the last couple of days. We went to Magnetic Hill where you coast down a hill that looks as though it goes uphill. From this one trick of the eye they have built an impressive tourist attraction with a zoo and water park. It is billed as Canada's third most popular tourist destination. It took all of ten minutes. Then we went to see a 42 foot tide at high tide. The next morning we went back to see it at low tide. Even better than the magnetic hill. Then we went to Joggins, our first stop in Nova Scotia. It has fossil beds on the beach of the Bay of Fundy. It was cool, somewhere between the tide and the Hill.
    Today went to a historical site …

Where is my stuff?

If you ever travel with Matty you need to know a couple of things. One, he tends to leave things behind. He left behind a few small things early in the trip, but in Toronto he left everything I own except for two toys, two bowls and a leash. Everything. Right there on the floor of my friend's kitchen. The upside is that he went to a fancy pet store to buy food and it is really good. Now I know how the other half eat.
    The other thing to know is that he gets lost a lot. He has several strategies for this. Two were on display driving to Quebec City. He likes to get relief from the highway by driving several miles into the hinterland to some random small town. He did this in Quebec, got turned around and drove in larger and larger circles until we got back on track. But he pulled off his favorite ploy in Quebec City when he missed the exit that would have taken us seamlessly to our hotel and got stuck in Friday rush hour traffic. I suppose it's a nice unhurried way to see…

There's the right way, the wrong way and the Gananoque

When Odysseus sailed  past the Sirens he had his men plug their ears with wax and tie him to the mast so he could hear their song without succumbing. After four nights in Toronto I finally tied Matty's hands to Emma Peel's steering wheel and we headed east. After leaving Duluth the week before we camped two nights in a row. I do not much like camping. One night I got so uneasy I panted like it was the Fourth of July. We arrived in the Toronto area Sunday night and landed in the northern suburb of Newmarket, a charming town with a charming downtown surrounded on four sides by the malls from hell. If you go to Toronto stay either in town or out of town. Traveling from one to the other is a nightmare. The daughter of my host leaves for work downtown at 6:30 and works late to avoid gridlock. She often fails.
    The best part of travel is the unexpected. Last night our host took us to visit her ex, an artist who achieved impressive fame and a bit of fortune at an early age in…

Yoop Yoop

For the first time this trip I sensed Matty's sadness. We were driving through North Dakota
and he was chomping at the bit to express his opinion that ND is much more interesting geographically and otherwise than it is given credit for. The only other being in the car was me. Terrifically cute and companionable, but hardly a great conversationalist. I detected a glint of a tear in his eyes, but in my opinion he has been listening to too far many country western stations.
    A good way to take you out of yourself is to spend three days in a household with three kids whose average age is under 54 months. So we went to Duluth to visit a family of five people and one shih tzu, named Stella. When we arrived Stella tried to intimidate me with a bit of barking and nipping. I gave her the deer treatment and simply stated at her. Eventually she realized how ridiculous she was acting and we happily ignored each other for the rest of the visit. It is quite a life raising the three littl…