Where is my stuff?

     If you ever travel with Matty you need to know a couple of things. One, he tends to leave things behind. He left behind a few small things early in the trip, but in Toronto he left everything I own except for two toys, two bowls and a leash. Everything. Right there on the floor of my friend's kitchen. The upside is that he went to a fancy pet store to buy food and it is really good. Now I know how the other half eat.
    The other thing to know is that he gets lost a lot. He has several strategies for this. Two were on display driving to Quebec City. He likes to get relief from the highway by driving several miles into the hinterland to some random small town. He did this in Quebec, got turned around and drove in larger and larger circles until we got back on track. But he pulled off his favorite ploy in Quebec City when he missed the exit that would have taken us seamlessly to our hotel and got stuck in Friday rush hour traffic. I suppose it's a nice unhurried way to see a city.
     We did tour the city the next day and, whether by design or by chance, Saturday was a good day to do so. Little traffic and available parking. I liked the city and would go back. How's that for an in depth travelogue?

The day began with a rainbow at Montmorency Falls in Quebec City and ended with a double rainbow fifty miles shy of New Brunswick

       After two nights in hotels (yea) we are back to camping (boo). With nothing but sun in the forecast it looks like more camping ahead. New Brunswick and picturesque are synonyms. The view 
across the Baie de Chaleur to Quebec's Gaspe Peninsula is incredibly soothing. Tomorrow we check out the highest tides in the world. Today we drive randomly in their direction.



  1. I'm putting on "Dizzy" by Tommy Roe for you, Precious. I would suspect you of purposely distracting Matty so you could get new stuff, but you aren't that kind of dog. Tell Matty Tom and I left a (chatty) message on his phone, which he probably doesn't turn on or, more likely, has lost. -- Barbara


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