Big Sky

                                                                Preparing for the trip

     After leaving Sunriver, where we left a hat, we spent a day and night in Bend, where we left my leash. Bend has a nice waterfront area along the Deschutes River. Scenic walks and lots of shops. It  probably hurts the downtown businesses, but better that than Walmart. Bend is the only town I know where people navigate by brewery: "Turn left at Deschutes, cross the river at Immersion. We're just east of Boneyard."
     Saturday we drove to Spokane. I'm pretty sure we left a flashlight there. Our friends live twenty miles outside of town on 5+ acres complete with a large pond and an unintentionally floating bridge. Matty helped out by moving and stacking firewood. The only real day's work he's done since he helped split kiawe wood on the Big Island last year.
     We are waking up Monday morning half way across Montana in a private campground outside Livingston. We are one of two tents in an ocean of giant rv's. Folks tend to stay inside so the campground has been pleasantly and eerily quiet. I slept well. Matty, I'm not so sure.
     North Dakota tonight.



  1. This has become the pilgrimage of The Way, eh? By the end of the trip, Matty will have divested himself of all worldly accoutrements and found enlightenment. (Which is hard to do without a flashlight.) Lao Tzu and Shih Tzu become one. -- Barbara


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